Clean Architecture 101

For Java Developers | taught by Eddie Bush

Course description

Welcome to Clean Architecture 101!

This is an introductory course for anyone interested in exploring the concepts of Clean Architecture. Examples are given in the form of Java code, but are applicable to many more languages.

Eddie Bush
Eddie Bush
Principle Craftsman @ Craftsmanship Counts, LLC

For over 20 years, Eddie has been learning and teaching what he knows. Mainly on topics relating to Java, since that's been his professional vocation since 2004.

Eddie is a student of Clean Code and Clean Architecture, as well as many different frameworks and libraries. As he continues his own journey, he strives to help those around him make the same journey with fewer hurdles and pitfalls.

Course Curriculum

Wrapping It Up
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by Artur Shaikhullin

by Artur Shaikhullin